Sunday, August 10, 2008


didnt go to church today cause i had stomach cramps. uhhs, hate that alot. sunday school was sorta fun. not much people went. only like seven of us and Uncle John. had praise and worship after that and Uncle John asked us to go to the front. so we stood there and sang. saw Vallamy standing there with her classmates. wooosh, merah muka dia. wonder what she did in class until her face turned bright red. haha. then after praise and worship, it was photo session[macamlah im a celeb xD]. took some pics which turned out abit fugly -___________-"
and and and one thing, i was really lucky jst now. i was watching the Olympics highlight thing and guess what? i finally saw Michael Phelps. like O-M-F-G. ive been waiting for that moment to come since uhhh August 2004? gosh. i missed him alot. wooooots. and yes, he won his first gold medal for the Beijing Olympics swimming event and broke the word record for the 400m Individual Medley. boy was i glad to see him and also seeing him win. ahhhh, hes got another few more competitions and i hope he'll get all the gold. haha.

btw, the part up there was written at around 3pm jst now. delay until now, 7.30pm then i continue. lols well, jst watched the 200m freestyle for choosing the swimmers whos going into the semifinals and Michael got 4th. uhhhhs ! that Dominik guy from Switzerland got first. like omg. but i believe that Michael's gonna win that competition. so, jst wait and see. i have faith in him ;D

my phone and hers (:


i was abit too slow =____=

the VainAss and Cass

the VainAss and me

Natasha and the VainAss

see what i mean? look at her face. the VAINness.

locked behind bars for being too vain.

us with Uncle John

us with Uncle John and the VainAss

and here are some pictures of Michael :P :P :P

him before the competition started

Mr. President's overwhelmed

Michael passing flowers to Laura Bush

hes the one taking the lead (: (: (:

and he won his first medal for Beijing 2008

Michael's got the 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay tomorrow. all the best to him ! (:

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