Saturday, August 16, 2008


went to Free2Be last night. was sort of okay lor. kinda boring though. it wasnt as nice as before. dont have the feel you know. haha. i went about 15 minutes before 7pm? thought i was late already. mana tahu the double C's were even later -______________-"
while waiting, saw Sheryl and her friend Michelle. talked abit. kena poked abit. then they went in. the double C's came around 7pm like that then we jst stood there. so so many people. saw lots of friends there too. some greeted me but i couldnt recognize them until after they walked past then i remember. haha. but at least i was being polite to say hi or smile at them (: the bottom part of the Stadium was crowded. upstairs was still okay. about 8.30pm like that we went out. bought some food then Cass abandoned us and went with her friends. so i was left alone with Chriss. so we jst walked around the Stadium. so many people smoking, i couldve died from inhaling so much second hand smoke. LOL
got tired le so we went it but our seats were already taken. so like we jst went to the toilet. wanted to pee but so many ppl. then i jst thought like "lazy larh. no need then". lols went outside the toilet, got this empty space there. saw some girls there then got place to sit at the corner there and we went there to sit. talk and take pics and talk. then saw Sheryl going into the toilet. this time was with Alyssa. poked poked abit again then they left.
oh, i forgot to mention that i saw Miss Hoo Yi Siew and Ivy too. poke poke poke also here and there. last night, i was poked for like more than 10 times? kasian much. haha. when i saw Yi Siew, i actly thought she grew taller. but when i looked down *gives the kek dao face* she was wearing heels. chiuuuuu ~
so we left the place at around 10.15pm? reached home about 10.30pm and i went straight to the toilet and get changed and rushed into my room. wanted to blog but the internet line wasnt that good so i jst listened to songs waited for time to pass. was already very tired actly but i wanted to wait until midnight to wish Benjamin happy birthday. what a good friend i am hor? :P
btw, yesterday noon in my room, i was online-ing bah. then Cass was walking around my room then i noticed her staring at my pig lying on the bed. then she saw a piece of cloth on the table and wrapped in on the pig's head. and guess what? she took photos of the pig. ADUH.

the so called "young" version of my pig

as named by Cass, "Ah Mu Pig"

Chriss' theme wallpaper :P

people dancing on stage

us :]

so Ben, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY !!
hope you enjoy yr day today.
may God bless you always (:

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