Sunday, August 24, 2008


so i did this survey early this morning. and the very first question goes like this - "who was the last person you gave up on". obviously i wrote down his name. bahhh, didnt know why i wrote his name but whatever. my point is that "he" was the last person i gave up on. which meant that he was the last person that i suka-ed. and because of that, do not simply go say that i like this person i like that person when i do not even like them. oh pls where the heck did you hear all these things from? who says i like so many guys before when the "he" i wrote in the bulletin was the last person i gave up on? FYI, i liked him in 2005. you see that? two zero zero five. three years back. which means that from 2005-2008 there was no other guy that i liked. other than my hubby darling Joe of course. HAHA. anyways, back to the main point, i remember once when someone asked me who i liked. then i said no one and who knows he go and ask all sorts of questions and what "i thought you like de ppl is from other school de?" or "eh you ever like *inserts name here* kan?" or "i know you like him lah. dont pretend. *gives that ugly looking smile*" or "you with him ha?" or anything that has to do with this. oh pls if you dont know anything, then shut up. look, im being nice by saying pls already so you should know what to do. *gives that face* blurghhh.

p/s: this isnt 100% true. i jst remembered about some other guy and some other stuffs like giving up on someone. blahh.

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