Saturday, August 9, 2008


today is another bad day pls. like oh my friggin gosh. what the heck is happening to me? uhhhs. had BM exam today and guess what? halfway through exams, my period suddenly came. how unlucky is that? gosh my stomach hurt so much today. wasnt even in the mood for anything. didnt go tuition jst now so jst watched tv and rested lor. went out for dinner in the evening. while eating, suddenly the whole place blackout. i mean like, even hotels also blackout? haha. but then they had this emergency light thingy so still can see my sister whos sitting opposite me. then some friends msged me saying here and there no light. then the conclusion is that the whole Sarawak no electricity. amazing right? lols but its still kinda scary larh cause you know what month is it now right? @@ good thing the electricity came back by 8.30pm and boy was i glad. i couldve melted if the electricity came back an hour later. haha but still, whole Sarawak no electricity is an amazing thing. imagine if whole Malaysia no electricity. sure very very cacated. lols

and hopefully there wont be another blackout later. cause somehow its a hot night tonight =|

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