Wednesday, August 13, 2008


jst came back from school about 45 minutes ago. uhhh, exam wasnt that good. Physics II sucked. didnt know a thing man. paper I and III were quite okay larh.
anyways, getting on to the main point why i blogged, Michael won again today. wooohoooo ~
its his 3rd and 4th gold medal this Olympics. and hes set another two more world records. is that cool or is that cool? omg. hes like totally awesome pls. one of the best swimmers in history. you know, when he was swimming the 200m Butterfly this morning, during the last 100m, water went into his goggles and he couldnt see properly. despite that, he still got 1st and broke the world record. frankly speaking, i dont think theres anyone in this world right now who can do better than him. dont you all agree? :P

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