Friday, August 8, 2008


i hate today. you hear me? i H-A-T-E today. why? cause i did not have enough time to finish both exam papers. damn it. i think my exam results will be like the worst ever. uhhhs; dont even wanna think about it. and tmrw its bm test. even worse. essays again. sure not enough time again. adehh. *frowns*
so moving on to the main point, the reason why im blogging right now is cause of today's date. and also its the opening ceremony for Beijing 2008. i watched the front part of the opening ceremony and all i can say is wow. its really amazing. it love their first few performances. all those effects and everything, no technologies used. all are human energy. lols and also the fireworks. very pretty lor. gonna watch the repeat tmrw afternoon after school. yeah, you heard it right. ive got school tmrw. and its an exam day. goshh. btw, Chriss, thank you for the video. really appreciate it (:

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