Wednesday, August 27, 2008


its the prize giving thingy for the curriculum thingy today. so like those uninvolved didnt go to school and i happen to be one of them. because of that i was uberly happy yesterday as i thought i could wake up later than normal school time. who knew, my mum asked me to bring my sister to school. and i woke up like 15 minutes later than my usual wake up time. goshh well, i was planning to stay up all night last night. in which i 95% succeeded. cause i was watching drama all night long until around 3am when i was waiting for the last episode to load, i lied on my bed. *less than 5 minutes later* zzZ... you guessed it right, i fell asleep. i cannot believe it. i actly fell asleep. all my hard work of staying up so late came to a waste. i actly wanted to sleep around midnight but then i bertahan. mana tahu it turned out this way. i slept for like 2 hours then i had to wake up again to bring my sister to school. omg.
well, its quite a boring day today. but then its better than going to school and get so sweaty and all bahh. haha so like i got bored after my parents went out, so i was like browsing through my comp looking at pictures and arranging them. then i came across the pictures taken at KK 2 months ago. i miss KK. i miss travelling. and time sure passes very fast. i mean, its already August now. in 4 days its gonna be September already :O
i also found some old pictures in my comp which i thought were already long gone. and also pictures taken this year. most of them are left with memories. not only that, im like listening to those songs that brings back many memories too. thinking back, i really do miss Form 1. its was like one of the best years ever in secondary school. that time we were all young and innocent. damn fun pls. many things happened when i was in Form 1. it was also the year i met him. btw, im gonna post up pictures taken in the previous years/months. a lil bit of memory to freshen up my mind.

2006 :

2007 :

2008 :

the above are some photos from each year. you know after uploading them then i realize that i dont have any pics from 2005. i guess the word "camera" wasnt used much back then. haha but still, memories. both good and bad, theyre still memories right? still cant believe that its already 2008. when i close my eyes and think about all thats happened, it feels like 2005 was only yesterday. *BIG SIGH* why cant we have like 50 hours in a day instead of 24? i know if thrs 50 hours, sure school hours would be pulled to at least 20 hours long and work will be at least 30 hours. but it'd be fun if we're spending time with the people we love.
writing all these reminds me of my childhood days. oh so stress-free. back then we didnt have so much homework and kids dont betray each other. life was easy. you know, if i was given a chance or a wish, i would definitely wanna turn back time and re-live those days again. well, thats like 110% impossible anyways. so, back to reality : i do not like my life now. my life is still messed up as ever and things seem to go wrong all the time now. goshh =\

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