Monday, August 11, 2008


flunked another exam today. *BIG SIGH*

so, i came home late today. as i was coming out of the car, i saw that my grandmama's "principal" was already outside her house so i rushed over there to take the Astro Card back home. about less than half an hour later my aunt called and asked for the Astro Card. dehhh. didnt get to watch Michael today but nemind. his team got first. woooots. Michael's second gold. so its two down and six more to go. theres another final tmrw if im not mistaken. gonna pray for him again. hope he is able to break his and also the world's record as well as get all eight golds this time. nervous bahh everytime i see him getting ready for a comp =|
ahhh, ive got Sejarah and EST I tmrw. uhhhs, havent even started reading it. gosh, wish me luck people. btw, all the best to you Michael. jiayou jiayou jiayou ! (:

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