Monday, August 4, 2008


exam starts one the 6th of August. two more days. aaaaaaah ! im very paranoid pls. hope i dont fall sick during exam time. and guess what? Biology is first paper. Add Maths is SECOND paper. like oh my friggin' gosh. this Thursday im having my Add Maths exam and im totally clueless about it. uhhhs; actly, i dont really care about that subject but then its like the only subject that i always fail. and you know, it makes my report card look ugly. 30% marks is my school's passing level lerh. how to pass like that? if its following SPM standard then nvm larh. *SIGH* what to do? need to burn the midnight oil then. this time, i wanna try to do better than the 2nd Summative although its almost impossible. pfffffft. jst wish me luck people. im really gonna need it.
and uhhh, im confused and pissed. dont ask me why cause i wont be able to answer you. lately my moodswings keep on changing like mad. its like im smiling now and the moment i turn around i can jst shout at you for no apparent reason at all[im not that mean larh. im jst giving an example. haha]. oh how i wish its
already November now. looooong school holidays. can do so many things. and the best thing is that i do NOT have to go to school for about two months. i wanna escape from Miri also. taking 3 days off in KK wasnt enough actly. i want more. my greediness for wanting more holidays is getting worse. its like gluttony. jst that i keep on wanting holidays instead of food. and if i was given a wish right at this very moment, i'd either wish its November OR go back to one year ago. which is 4th August 2007. cause i feel that i didnt spend my long holiday wisely last year. oh ya, the very short holiday starts next week. and im glad about that. gonna spend that one week wisely this time. in the mean time, i gotta get studying. i'll try not to online anytime soon. so yeah, i'll be off now. byebye ! (:

seeing you makes me forget all the pain and confusion :D

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