Friday, August 29, 2008


finally i can blog. omg. the bloody internet line has been fcuking bad. uhhhs;

so anyways, Brendan and his mum came to take away the car on Wednesday night. sad sad. im gonna miss that car alot. well, all of us do. its like such a pretty car bahh. then yesterday was ok lor. kena tahan-ed in the hall for half an hour? then like when we went back to class, the half blind cat was sitting on Ivy's back. then the teacher in and the cat was walking around in class. almost everyone paid attention to the cat instead of Biology. then like Miss Drina took the cat by its back and put it outside the class. so like it didnt bother us anymore until after Physics class Dexter went out to find the cat and bring it back in. supposedly we were having EST after Physics but Miss Irene took over. then she saw the cat and was actly scared so Simon brought the cat outside and she continued teaching. luckily it didnt come back to class today. studying with a cat in class is not very comfortable bahh. and today is the last day for Miss Veronica. gonna miss her alot esp the guys. we had 2 periods of her class before recess and during the 2nd period, the guys jst like crowded the teacher's table and kept talking to her and asking questions. when it was recess time, they wouldnt even let her out of the class. they went to block the back and front door and she was stuck in class for about 15 minutes like that. well, jst hope that the new teacher would be as fun as Mr Ardi and Miss Veronica =\

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