Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i miss the Olympics.

i know its not over yet but like Swimming is already over. NO MORE MICHAEL PHELPS. and like ive said before, this time de Olympics, somehow i do feel ter-gan dong by it. i dont really watch the other sports bah. i wasnt much of an Olympic fan but Michael made me interested. hes the one that gives me the urge to watch it everyday. and now that Swimming is over, i dont think theres any other point for me to continue watching. all of a suddenly, it seems a lil tiny bit boring.
and the song, Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni, im like listening to it now and it like gives me this longing-ish feeling. haha lame i know. but still, time passes really very fast bah. i still remember that night i was so excited to watch the Opening Ceremony and now its almost the end of the Olympics. and i have to wait for another four more years to watch it again. and this time, its gonna be in London. sure not that nice anymore lor. i think the China Olympics this time was awesome bah :D
and uhh, its Tuesday already. school starting soon[although the holidays jst started]. nth to do larh. boring dao chin chin. omg. oh yea, today is 19th August 2008. exactly two months after darling Joe's birthday. in conjunction with that, im making a video jst for him. its supposed to be made on his birthday but i was kinda busy for so long. and since its the holidays, im gonna take time to make a video for him. im like 1/4 done liao. so i'll post it up later (:

btw, this is the video for Beijing Welcomes You / 北京歡迎妳

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