Sunday, August 17, 2008

oh YES

this is it. Michael won his 8th Gold Medal here in Beijing. a historic moment for everyone. im like so speechless right now and all i can say is that he won. he actly won. such a gan dong moment. once again, i cant help but cry when the US team stepped up on the thingy to receive their medals. the mc even announced some stuffs about Michael and he also received this recognition thingy. im like so so so glad about it. i know its not me that won but i was really very overjoyed. ive been waiting for this final race since yesterday. my heart started to beat really fast when the competition started. and so i patiently waited until it was his turn, which was at around 11.10am? God has answered my prayers all these days. very thankful for that :D

the winning moment about an hour ago (:

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