Sunday, August 24, 2008


its been a long and tiring Friday and Saturday. didnt even have the time to rest. hmmm, lets start with Friday. went out with Ana, Mandy and Rui Ling[not sure how to spell the english version. always get mixed up with her sister's name]. met up at Parkson and i was the latest one that day. haha walked around Parkson abit then we went to Imperial about half an hour later? went up and down of Imperial many many times. went to Ah Seng[Mandy's cousin]'s store to look for clothes and CD's. in the end only Mandy and Rui Ling bought identical bajus. but got a lil tiny bit diff cause of the pattern. they left at 3pm then it was only me and Ana left. so we went browsing at some of the stores then went to Speedy. spent around half an hour or more in that place. was looking around for CD's. bought this Cinderella 2 in 1 disc for Vallamy. goshh after i bought that i was very broke. RM30 for one friggin disc man. dehhh. then we went KFC. ordered fries and jst sat there and talk. Ana went back around 4.30pm and mummy came around 10 minutes later. was supposed to go back but who knew she wanted to come down too. went up to the clothes stores and we bought a shirt each. hehe had dinner at Jing Wood. you should try out that place. the western food there is recommended. i love the Chicken Chop Oriental. ive been ordering that like since the first time i went there? haha. after dinner, we went to grandmama's house. said goodbye to auntie and her family. too bad Charlene wasnt there. wanted to say goodbye to her too. their flight back was early Saturday morning to KL. then tmrw, which is Monday, theyre going back to Texas. ahhh, time passes really fast. theyve been here for like more than a month already. and like what my aunt told my sister, the next time they come back, my sister would be in primary 4 or 5. *shes in primary 1 now.
then it was yesterday. was at home in the morning. still picking out what to wear for the Installation Dinner. Brendan and his family came over to see our car. his mum wanted to buy my Vitara bahh. gonna miss that car alot. haih then for lunch, we went to Imperial to eat KFC again. haha then went to pick mummy then come back home. got ready and we went to my cousin's house to watch the video of them in the Philippines. really ter-gan dong when watching some of the poor people there living in rubbish dumps. i mean like, right in the middle of the place you see a tiny house there. kasiann much. then suddenly my cousin's wife said wanna eat KFC. i was like "@@ that again?". then daddy, mummy, my cousin and i went to da pao. this time we went Parkson. wooooosh. they da pao-ed so much. around almost RM200 lerh. so i asked mummy to buy me one small packet of fries. mana tahu when she passed it to me, it was a diff version. haha then they sent me to Dynasty for the dinner. our program started at 5.30pm and the installation went uhhh okay i guess. then at 7pm the dinner started. well, the food came out around 7.30pm i think. or was it 8pm? hmmm. then like there were speeches and performances and ughh LUCKY DRAW. saw some unexpected people there like Gabriel, his friend Malvin, Kim Seng[not Lee] and even Ivan Ong was there. well he was performing larh. haha on the dinner ticket, it says that the program ends at 11pm. i was thinking that maybe before 11pm the whole thing will end. who knows everything ended at around 11.30+pm. the people kept on delaying the lucky draw bahh. it was already the final one. and the Grand Prize was this RM2000+ laptop. goshh we had to buy this special ticket for the draw and like i was really hoping to win bahh. Cikgu Sheila bought like 10 of those lucky draw coupons, which cost RM5 for one. aduh. there were alot of other small prizes and the Brunei Rotarians keep on winning them. even the 1st prize, which was a Nikon 7.1 megapixel Digital Camera, they won. *SIGH* then in the end, you know who won the Grand Prize? well, none other than Chua Ngee Kiat. omg. someone from my school lerh. i was thinking that if someone idk won it, then nvm larh. mana tahu its someone from the same school as me whos like studying in the same block as me too. his class is either next or next next to mine lerh. omg. i was really hoping to win that laptop. Sebastian was very nervous about it. he called Wen Wen around 11.10pm and he kept asking her about the prize. i guess he wanted that alot too ay. lols goshh even Cass got win you know? she got this Egyptian painting thingy. an antique lor. but still, no laptop. not even a camera. haihh wonder when my lucky day will come when i'll actly win sth good from a lucky draw. btw, here are some pictures taken. theres more pics but its not with me now. will upload when i receive em.

Friday :

nice bah right? :P

my ice blended chocolate + pearl

Saturday :

goodbye my lover. goodbye my friend. lols

the Egyptian painting that Cass won

the very cute tortoise i found in my cousin's living room

the KFC that i didnt get to eat

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