Thursday, August 21, 2008


so i went for dinner last night. it was my neighbour's birthday. she invited my whole family to eat at Boulevard Restaurant. yeah, the one opposite Sesco. so uhhh, we reached the place around 6.10pm? the moment i walk in the door, i saw this pink paper stuck on a notice board. it was for us actly. its like giving us the direction to the VIP Room[as written on the paper]. when we walked up the stairs, there was another one in front of the stairs. goshh scared we cant find the way is it? haha. then like when we got in, only one room was available. the rest of the place was empty. there was this karaoke system there. obviously they wanna sing, like last year - they invited us to dinner also. for the same reason but diff place. then got karaoke also - and the table was big. there were like 15 chairs around it. at first i thought "woahh. who else coming wor. my family only 4 ppl and theirs only 5". who knows that when they came, the auntie said her sister and family are coming to join us. lols there were 6 ppl in their family. so like the table was very full. so squishy bahh. then they ordered the food like each plate is for 15 ppl to eat lor. and guess what? there was about 10 dishes? pfffffft. eat so much. then there were the fruits and the cake was big. omg. my stomach couldve exploded anytime. so much to eat. and the food, all look so expensive. haha but i think, the dinner cost like at least RM1000? my parents and the uncle and his daughters sang some songs lor. then we had to go back early cause daddy was very tired already. then we reached home at around 9.30pm like that. went to brush my teeth, get changed and jst sat in front of the computer watching dramas. lols actly wanna sleep but then so full bah and mummy missed her tv show so asked me to wake her up at 12.30am to watch the repeat. and so i did and she managed to watch finish everything. i went to sleep around 1.00am like that. wanted to blog last night bah but you know, i was very very lazy. haha

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