Sunday, August 17, 2008


so we went to the Lu Zhou Fund Raising thingy again today. Bobby was there at the IBS College thing. masih macam budak bah him. never change xD Teck Hung working today also. lols Allan was there too with his parents. saw some other familiar faces too. ahh, Gary wore a white shirt this time. wooosh, still cant believe hes that tall. i mean like, i was expecting him to be like same height as me or maybe lil bit shorter? mana tahu hes taller. haha then i went for the Interact Installation rehearsal jst now. kinda very crappy. the place so so hot. and they did everything so slowly. but it was okay lor. kinda nervous about this Saturday. i dont have anything to wear lerh. goshh
btw, Lee Chong Wei jst got second in the Badminton Finals. not to say im interested in this or what but he is from Malaysia and he is in the finals. need to support local team bahh, though i think Lin Dan's cute. WELL, at least we have a Silver Medal. its much better than nothing. i guess he needed more training. nemind, four years later, he'll have another chance. maybe that time, luck will be on his side (: and I MISS YOU ALREADY MICHAEL !! i cant believe its the end for the Swimming event for him. 8 Gold Medals. im sooooooo overwhelmed. khua zhang much? neahhh :P
after watching the Badminton, i switched off the TV and came upstairs. on the way up, i thought about the Olympics this year. somehow in this time's games, although i didnt watch all the events, i do feel ter-gan dong. watching those athletes represent their own countries and doing their best to win, it showed how much hard work they put in jst to win not only for themselves but for their country too. esp the swimming event. ive been following on Michael's swimming events and everytime he received the Gold Medal, theres this tingling feeling in my heart and tears start to fill my eyes. and today, at his very last competition for this Olympic, i was so so nervous about it. i jumped around, i shouted, i walked around the house like an idiot, i bit my nails, i squeezed my sister, i did many cacated things before his event came. but it was all worth it when they won. and like the Olympics are gonna end in a week. really bu she de lor. have to wait another four years for the next Olympics and i doubt that the opening ceremony will be as cool as this time. until now, i think this was like the best Olympic opening ceremony anyone has ever seen. esp with the drums. i am still very amazed by it. hahaha. oh yea, that song, Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni is nice larh. i listened to it yesterday and thought it was cute. lols
btw, tags are replied.

Melo : there is no song in my blog. i mean in my previous skin. you mustve opened another page while viewing my blog. haha
Dexter : its the Olympics season now pls. almost everyone watches it okay. sure very excited about it lor. as for me, im excited when watching the Men's Swimming Event. lols so yeah, if theres anything that concerns him in the Olympics, i will blog about it. and as you know, ive been waiting four long years to see him. these few posts mean nothing if compared.
Abel : well, maybe thats part of the reason. lols but still, i first saw him in the Athens 2004 Olympics. and well, the moment i saw him, i was amazed by how he swam. since then, i became more interested in the Olympics and watched every swimming event he joined. and when the Olympics ended, i promised myself that when i see him four years later[which is now], i'll have to give him my full moral support. haha
Cass : now the tagboard is black and white. should be okay eh?
Sabbie : ummm, that is a model pic. if im not mistaken, he got jadi some model for sth sth. lols sth to do with Kelvin's and Amway i guess. haha
Joan : tagged? hmmm, i'll do it when im much free. lols
Regina : oh YESSS ! hes one in a gazillion. it'll take centuries to find another one jst like him :D
Ivy : poke poke poke again. HAHA. and nice meeting you there too "amoi" (:
Melo : of course. we're there together bah. unlike someone who abandoned us. haha
Jesz : yes. finally i found one im satisfied with. lols actly, i wanted to like change skins once a week. or like once every 2 weeks. haha but for the moment, i dont wanna change it. haha
Jacq : [same as what i replied to Sabbie]

goodnight everyone ! (:

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