Friday, September 26, 2008


나는 당신을 미워한다 모두 .

no school next week. happy? heck yeah. and its Raya bahh. i wanna go bai niannn. hopefully ada chance to do so lor. and Michelle told me that i got receive the Anugerah Cemerlang thingy. like oh my gosh. need to go school on Saturday again. nuuuuuuuuu ~
but at least i got an award. in fact, this is like my very first award in high school. kinda very excited about it cause its gonna make daddy and mummy happy. this can be a symbol to show that ive been putting some effort in studying for exams. and final exams are coming VERY SOON. so im gonna put in a lil bit more effort in studying and hope to do better than the last sumatif, which i went from good to bad =|

Cha Jian Er Guo by Lee Sheng Jie is recommended. its a really nice song. you should listen to it :)

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