Tuesday, September 16, 2008


so my phone credit expired last Friday, 12th September 2008. supposedly on that day you cant msg or call anymore right? well, after school i switched on my phone and received a few msgs and surprisingly i could reply em. unfortunately, i couldnt call but only msg. which was cool cause i didnt have to reload. so i decided not to reload and see how long this can last. the next day, i still msged like normal. Sunday too. BUT on Sunday night, i checked my credit and it was running quite low so i transferred RM3 from mummy's phone. and omg, how stupid was i cause i totally forgot that the expiry date will change. so when i checked my credit, it says that the expiry date is 16th September, which is today. and jst now when i tried sending a msg, it FAILED. T_____________T

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