Wednesday, September 3, 2008


so i wasnt really done with my post on Fr. Stan the other day. wanted to continue yesterday but the internet line was so bad like ohmygosh i couldnt even open Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
as you know, its already 3 days after the Rally and im missing every part of it badly. hopefully there will be another Rally as fun as this soon. or even better, invite Fr. Stan to come again. if only the Rally was one week long. it'd be damn fun i tell you. like ive said before, this is the best seminar ive ever been to in my whole entire life. and yes, its much much better than LSS :)
but the praise and worship times were awesome too. thanks to Petrus and the gang, everything was cool. jumping, singing, getting high, shouting, laughing, everything. and im proud to say that this Rally, the 2-Day Youth Rally "Growing In Holiness" with Fr. Stan Fortuna is the best damn thing ~
i havent been as happy and enjoying myself this much for a very long time already. BUT i do have regrets. i regret not going higher than high. i regret not throwing my face away and go crazy. i regret not talking to the Limbang dude. i regret not taking pics of and with that sunglasses dude from Sabah i think. i regret using too much money. ahahaha. these are all my regrets. omg.

btw, i did not go to school today. my head almost exploded this morning so i went to see the doctor and took some medicine. feeling abit better now i guess. and i forgot to post up some videos taken during the Rally. supposed to upload em now but blogger wouldnt let me upload anything T___________T
no worries, the next time i get to blog, i will upload. haha

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