Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i never knew the school teacher's are so updated with their students blog. people nowadays should be aware of what they blog about. writing bad things about their school/teachers is definitely a no-no. but students cant be sued for that can they?hmmm, what about if they write good things about the school? is that okay? haha.
anyways, its a windy day today. very happy about it lor. and it rained last night, so the field was abit more flooded. because of that, i really wanna bring some ducks and watch them swim in the so-called "pond" bahh. HAHA.
oh yea, Dexter mentioned sth this morning and then i realize that today, 10th September 2008, when writing in numbers is 10/09/08. see that? ten nine eight. lols then i thought like in two years, it'll be like eight nine ten instead :D

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