Sunday, September 21, 2008


its been a good day today. well, not a good start though cause i did not go to church. like omg i cant believe i missed mass AGAIN. ohh, what a sinner i am. regret not going today bahh. *SIGH* then like i got go Sunday School. it was kinda okay i guess. Kurt finally went, after disappearing for more than a month? haha. then around 3.30pm we went to Imperial. bought a birthday present for my neighbour's son and we went off to the hotel for the birthday party. uhhhs, its at Imperial again. haha
then, my neighbour passed us the room card when her husband and her went to take the da bao-ed food from idk where. when we went up, the room was filled with noisy kids. they were 13-year-olds acting like 8-year-olds playing games and watching Dragon Ball. then like my neighbours arrived with some other people and like we ate the food and cake then we went downstairs for the night rally - which ive been waiting since forever - in the ballroom.
the place was very very crowded man and i saw many many familiar faces. first i saw Kelly P, then saw Flora and her brother, then Sheryl's friend Michelle, Sheryl herself, Gwen, Joanna, Jacq, SK, Cass and her family, that purple boxers dude :), and alot more other people. honestly speaking it was kinda boring at first cause some "Sparrow" group kept singing and i almost fell asleep with my sister whos sick and already sleeping. goshh but it got interesting when some YB came up to talk. theres this translator and its funny listening to the same speech in English and Chinese. plus, the translating wasnt 100% same as the English version though. after the YB's speech there was this short drama.
finally, it was Gurmit's turn to give his speech. its Gurmit Singh people. like OH MY FRIGGIN GOSH, its really him. LOL well,he sang like 3 songs and it was good :) he even sang Mandy by Westlife. its like the local version and he sounds good. well, he gave his speech and boy was it touching. i cant help but cry and cry when he presented his speech. he also cried and its so sad bahh. his story made me realize how kind and loving the Lord really is and that when you do believe in Him, miracles do happen. it also made me realize how bad of a Christian, wait make that Catholic i am. im not at all worthy to be called God's children.
ahhh, i guess i should start reading the Bible again then. *feels guilty*

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