Saturday, September 27, 2008



im like stuck in my cousin's house until tomorrow noon? daddy and mummy went for some seminar at Eastwood this morning. it'll end tomorrow evening so Vallamy and i have to stay over at my cousin's house. uhhhs, whats worse, my cousin and his wife are going to church tonight for some talk and i'll have to be the babysitter. OMG. haha
well, at least theres a computer to accompany me. and theres a tv too. so im good lor. but then, i miss my home. i miss my room. most of all, i miss my iTunes. cause there is absolutely no songs in this friggin' computer. well, theres like more than 100 cds beside me now but its not in the comp bahh. too bad he doenst have iTunes, if not, i wouldve transferred all the songs into the comp lor.
oh yea, this morning i went to Soo Chew to learn how to use the new camera which arrived like few days ago? Suto, Della, Wen Wen, Hui Thing and Ai Yin were there too as well as Mdm Liew. so we were there for about 2 hrs 30 mins? wooosh, i know how to use the camera le. i wanna buy one jst like it actly but is expensive bahh =(

btw, i am a super unlucky person you know. this might be a curse or sth but i feel that i really am unlucky lor. my chances of being lucky is only like 10% or less? omg. how kasian is that? *SIGH* you know, i feel that im like the sky and the people around me are like clouds. why? cause the people in my life come and go jst like the clouds. they never stay in one place. even if they do, its only temporary. and after a while, it'll rain and the clouds are gone or get blown away by the wind.
oh well, i guess i really am unlucky. pffffffft.

btw, Happy Birthday to Mdm Karen Tan and Avril Lavigne :)

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