Monday, September 1, 2008


i miss my childhood days alot.

was talking with my sister halfway when daddy asked me to open the gate as he wanted to go out and see whether theres any fallen kites. then like i went out with him and walked to the edge of the road. there were so many dudes on motorbikes and bicycles waiting for the kites. i saw about eight or nine bikes and four or five bicycles which each "vehicle" had two people on them. alot of ppl hor? then we saw like two or three falling kites and at the end of the road, and everyone rushed to get the kites. this reminds me of when i was like my sisters age, seven years old. playing kites, cutting each others kites and go around the neighborhood finding for fallen kites was a tradition. i remember daddy and i on the bike going around finding for kites. my cousins used to be so lucky to pick up many of these kites.
and i miss flying kites.

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