Saturday, September 20, 2008



OMG. the friggin internet line sucks to the max lately. maybe its the weather. maybe its my computer but whatevs, it jst sucks and thr is absolutely no solution to it. but dont know why suddenly now can online. so im very the grateful at the moment. still, it might suddenly go off.
so uhh, its been a hectic week. final exams coming soon. holidays coming. and theres so much for me to do. hopefully during the year end hols, i dont waste it all like last year. though this time im going for tuition, i guess i still have to do useful things like doing some chores at home.
oh yea, there isnt extra class today. changed to next Saturday. i think i might be able to go this time. oh and i went for the exam mass jst now. i went back before they received Holy Communion though. it was sooooooooo hot you know? i couldve melted. and guess what? about 10 minutes after i arrived at church - i was standing outside as there wasnt anymore seats left - this group of dudes came. there was about more than 10 of em and they looked like some emo wannabe gang with super low cut skinny jeans, black tee, snakebites, hairstyle, everything. are they even allowed in church? @@
btw, my cousin Jayce bought the exact same phone as mine in May or June this year and jst now in the car she told me that she wasnt using it anymore. she took out her phone and omg, its a 3G iPhone. its the newest version of the iPhone. like oh my friggin gosh. i so want that phone. its really pretty. aihh, dont think i'll ever have the chance to own that kinda phone. and her LV bag, *drools* im liking it.
btw, Sunday is tomorrow. PCK here i come :) :) :)

GOSH, regret talking about how good the internet line is cause i CANNOT PUBLISH THE FRIGGIN POST.

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