Wednesday, September 17, 2008


uhhhs, that feeling is coming back to me.
dont ask me why cause even i dont know why.
its like im starting to hate everything now.
abit2 also kinda bu shuang liao. *SIGH*

not only that, i think im starting to cry very easily again.
wooooosh. not like its a good thing or anything though.
i guess watching too much dramas nowadays helped me gain back that habit.

btw, year end holidays coming soon.
im like very very glad pls.
no school for like two months bahh :)

btw, Melody sent me this thing which i thought was really cute and meaningful.

One night the moon said to me, "If he makes you cry why don't you leave him?"
I looked at the moon and said, ''Moon, would you ever leave your sky?"
and the other one is this

now isnt that jst touching? omg. i think im gonna cry if i read the chinese one again. goshhh *sniffs

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