Monday, September 1, 2008

Fr. Stan Fortuna :D

i had the most awesome time during the 2-Day Youth Rally on 30th and 31st August. i will never ever forget those two days. Fr. Stan Fortuna rocks. hes the best. and this is like the first time that i wasnt bored at a seminar. usually during seminars, i would either get bored or feel so sleepy that im about to fall to the ground and sleep. but not this. every moment that he talked, everyone paid full attention. and there were around more than 500 people there i think. there might even be thousands of people there. the place was big and so crowded. there were also people coming from Brunei, Sabah, Limbang, Bintulu and some other places in Sarawak. cool ay? haha. at the end of the concert, i bought the cd for both days. so whenever i get bored, i can jst watch the replay of his talks and i'll be LMAO-ing in less than a minute. lols and so many familiar people went too. i saw quite a number of them from school. one the first day it was me and Chriss. then Joanna joined us and we joined Sheryl, her friend Brenda and her brothers, Steve, Grace and her sisters Claudine and another one, the twins and Melvin also. it was a crazy night. haha Brenda's younger brother Matthew is so adorable. omg haha then the second day, it was me and Chriss also. then later Jacq, SK, Emma, Cass and Ana joined in. its been an uberly cool weekend. love love love Fr. Stan Fortuna :D
well, im not gonna say much anymore so yeah, heres the pictures taken. not much though.

towards the end of the concert last night, i was disappointed. WHY? because i did not get to take picture with Fr. Stan. like oh my friggin gosh. they say that hes tired. but why after everyone left, i still see him packing hes guitar and stuffs ALL BY HIMSELF? WHY IS NOONE HELPING HIM? say hes tired but still let him pack everything himself. wth.. if hes tired then you guys should HELP him pack and let him go back to the room and rest first mah. and because of that, i was also frustrated. disappointed and frustrated. grrrrrr !

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