Monday, September 15, 2008


i realized that i have UNwanted visitors coming to my blog quite often.
and you know what? i seriously hate it.
i mean like, blogging is like writing whatever you feel like writing right?
its one way to express how you feel and blahhh.
but once people start to read it, they'll spread it around.
and unwanted people will start to come.
then more unwanted people will come too.
uhhhhs; dont you have better things to do than to read my blog?
actly im fine with whoever that comes to my blog.
but its jst that "some" people are soooo kepo bahh.
and after reading, their keponess dont stop there.
they'll go and talk shit about it.
whatever it is, jst stay away from me and my blog.
dont think i dont know pls.

ps: this doesnt imply to the teachers.
pps: if you think its you then you can stop visiting cause youre not welcomed.
ppps: Happy Birthday Joanna :)

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