Sunday, September 14, 2008


after school i went to pick my sister from her school and had lunch at home. then we got ready and left for the hotel. i went over to the mall first to find Melody. walked around with her for a while and her friends came so i was on my own. mummy called and we had tea with Joshua's mum at Blue Cafe. then i went back into the room and the two went to buy some stuffs.
in the evening, daddy and i went to take the cake and everyone came before 7pm. dinner started but there wasnt enough place to sit so like some of the adults had to sit on the floor. *paiseh
we had KFC for dinner and like mummy also ordered some sandwiches. the food was more than enough you know. everyone was bloated. the cake was taken out and mummy bought this candle thingy. it looks weird to me. its like a flower and thrs 8 little candles in the middle then you have to light it and when they finish burning up, the flower petals will open up and the Happy Birthday music will start to play. its kinda cute lah but problem is that once it starts to sing, it wont stop. mummy's colleague bought the exact same thing and it sang for two days straight. they couldn't stand the music anymore so they jst cut off the wires.
then it was cake eating time. after that the kids went to play and adults were talking. then they left around nine i think. as you know, i wasn't sleepy yet so i watched TV first. thrs this news about Hurricane Ike hitting the coast of Texas on CNN and boy, was it scary. when i saw the news i was like "oh gosh. a hurricane? Regina and my cousins are there lehhh". jst hope nth bad happens to Houston :S
then i turned to Discovery Channel and they were showing those thingies like spirits and ghosts and zombies and all that. at first, i was thinking of going to the CC downstairs but when i watched that i became scared. yea i know, scardy cat. haha and there was HBO so i watched movies instead. watch watch watch until around almost 1am i think then went off to bed. slept for like less than half an hour and my sister started to kick and push me so i went to sleep on the couch. woke up at 4.30am and daddy was already leaving for work so i went to sleep in the room. haha
the next day was ok lor. Joshua and the rest came back to swim later in the morning. before they came, we already went downstairs to swim. well, only daddy and Vallamy actly. while swimming, we all heard this huge "BOOM" sound and the ground somehow shook a little. and guess what? a boat at a nearby area exploded. there were lots and lots of smoke. the sky above the boat turned black because of the smoke. and its an oil boat i think. that time, it was around 8.40am i think when it happened. really scary. i heard daddy say that on the newspaper today, two ppl on the boat went missing. goshh they mustve flown away due to the big explosion. at first i thought that there was an earthquake. then it came to my mind that maybe its a bomb? cause i was watching alot of CNN the night before. haha then i thought like its impossible for these two things. lols
then around 10am plus i went Parkson Michelle, Tracy and Chik Kiing[didn't know he went too]. watched Money Not Enough 2. goshh, it was a really sad movie. i mean, it was okay in front, until the back when the old lady was dying and those sappy songs were played during the movie. it was really sad lor. almost everyone in the cinema cried. i could hear the sounds of ppl crying all around. haha
then later we went to Boulevard. Tracy wanted to play the skating thingy. none of us bothered to play with her so she went with her gan jie, who's already thr long before we went. then we went to the arcade and played some games. daddy came half an hour later and at night, we went to Sam's house for dinner.
as for today, i haven't been to church for quite long liao[due to sickness], and today i actly went. which is good cause that means i wasn't sick. went to Sunday School as usual. blahblahh. tomorrow's MONDAY. school day. not fun at all. goshh and heres some pics taken

the black black smoke :O

few seconds after the explosion

picture of the day :D

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