Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's swarovski baby :O

hey, it's 8th january and i just realized that exactly one year ago, i started my very first job as a promoter. i remember the first week of work was a living hell. it was friggen hot, i had to stand all day and non of the other promoters there were chinese. i'm not trying to be racist or something but my malay sucks big time. i can only speak chinese. and sad enough, those people working there speak only bahasa sarawak. -___________-" but thank goodness i met Jo somewhere in the first half of the month and i slowly made some friends. in the end, it became the job i shall never ever forget. working at the pesta was one of the best moments of my life. met so many lovely people and snaking around(& still getting a high salary) is awesome :D i guess this job really meant a lot to me. especially cause it was my very first job. i even wrote a post last year on my birthday about the last day of work. i was so emotional and focused on my job that i forgot to blog about me, myself, and i turning eighteen. LOL! here's the post.

anyways, my main purpose of this post(other than the above reason) is about my niece and nephew's birthday party this afternoon. OMG you know, my cousin gave his eight year old daughter a Swarovski necklace that cost like $500 Singapore Dollar and that equals to like more than RM1000 here! wtheck?! the girl's only eight. she doesn't need a 1K necklace, does she? lol and one thing i find, well different about their birthdays is that whenever one of the kids celebrate their birthday, the other siblings receive presents too. i mean like, imagine me and my sister. it's my birthday and the both of us get presents. isn't that like, weird or something? to their parents, it means that they're being fair but idk, i can't imagine them doing that in ten years time. my niece would be eighteen and imagine her twelve year old brother getting a present on her birthday. hahah but i guess every family's different. bahh.

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