Friday, February 12, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥

just realized that the date for my previous post is WRONG.
its supposed to be February 10, 2010 instead of February 11, 2010 =.=

anyways, yesterday was the day i dread.
it was like the end of the world.
(okay, maybe not so cham but it did felt like it)
im gonna miss everyone and everything.
im gonna miss going limteh every morning
(tsk tsk so early jiu snake le. mmg no hope liao. HAHA)
im gonna miss thumbprinting
im gonna miss opening and closing the place
im gonna miss snaking around with the other snakes
im gonna miss going to Ladybird and UG there to talk during working hours
im gonna miss drinking chicken soup everyday
im gonna miss having lunch/dinner earlier than the actual time cos i went to drink chicken soup
im gonna miss walking around the place even if its past lunch/dinner
im gonna miss eating at the canteen even if the food isnt nice
im gonna miss having to hide here and there when we eat during non-eating hours
im gonna miss walking to the ice cream stall there jst to get wind and talk to the auntie
im gonna miss talking to mdm and the auntie cos its too boring
im gonna miss hearing "pasang lagi, biru 蓝色!, hitam 黑色!, merah 红色! ... etc"
im gonna miss lying on the pile of baju/pants and talking/listening to them talk/listening to songs
im gonna miss speaking malay with them eventhough i suck at it
im gonna miss calling for martin, eg : "blh panggil martin?" "calling martin calling martin"
im gonna miss watching my white horse prince work
im gonna miss talking to my black horse prince and get nervous when hes around :\
im gonna miss how im so used to everything already
im gonna miss all the moments spent with you guys
im gonna miss each and every one of you
im gonna miss everything.

sometimes, i just wish time could stop right there and then so i can spend more time with them.
but i know its really very impossible, so yeah, what to do? :( :(