Monday, January 3, 2011

going back to school.

school starts today. well, not for me though. it's for all the kindergarten, primary and secondary school people. and guess what? MINE STARTS AT THE END OF FEBRUARY! HAH IN YOUR FACE PEOPLE. XP and well, today's the day where every school kids dread. waking up early, wearing their school uniforms, and reaching school before the bell rings. to be honest, i kinda miss my high school life. the final year that is. cause we're all seniors and it's already our last years in school uniforms. why not have more fun? i did regret not being naughtier back then. should've skipped more classes, hanging outside the classroom more often and of course, going to the opposite bus stop just to buy food from the lady driving the proton saga much much more. ahh, those were the days. it's all in my memory now. but hey, i still have three more years of university. gonna make the most of this three years and make em the best times of my life. :)

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