Friday, January 7, 2011

shine a light.

the first week of January 2011 is almost over and what have you done? for me, other than slacking around, being a driver, and sticking to the laptop almost 24/7, i haven't done anything useful yet. oh wait, i think i did. there's this girl who asked me a question in formspring few days ago and she mentioned that she's committed suicide more than five times. but of course it failed, otherwise, who would i be talking to right? anyways, she sounded so miserable and my heart aches to see her in that condition. if only i could, i would definitely fly to wherever she is and give her a bigbigbig hug and tell her everything's alright. *sigh* so i answered her question and added in some quotes which i thought might be useful for her. they were quite meaningful anyways. and yesterday she replied me with a thank you. she'll never know it but that thank you really made my day. she has no idea how worried i was about her. i just hope that she's okay and she won't have to kill herself anymore. oh and the picture above, i'm trying to do that this year. hopefully i can achieve all, if not, at least half of it by the end of the year. wish me luck people. *fingers crossed

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