Saturday, January 22, 2011


chances. when things happen too often, we tend to overlook them.. until they’re gone. that’s when we notice them, that’s when we need them. we never realize their importance until they’re no longer avalible to our advantage. just like chances. we take chances for granted, always thinking there’ll be a next time.. but have you ever noticed that tomorrow is never promised today ?
and isn’t it so strange how our hearts, in times of pain, give power and forgiveness to undeserving minds? so that they have the advantage to twist and bend our vulnerable selves. we take advantage of the most sincere things we call chances. a chance to better things, a chance to ease the struggle, a chance to fix something left undone.. chances are basically a mixture of faith, hope, and trust. faith that things could get better.. hope that the person will accept it.. and trust that you’re both in it together and that the person won’t twist and bend your heart yet again.
chances.. sometimes we see right past them don’t we? just to catch a glimpse into a mirror. but have you ever noticed that a missed chance can hurt two people? don’t just think about yourself, chances are two sided. you should be thankful if you receive one. don’t take it for advantage cos one day, when you really need one, they’ll won’t be avalible for you. take it while it’s there. they don’t last forever, but then again, nothing really does…

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