Saturday, January 1, 2011

twenty eleven.

i can't believe it's already new year. it's actually 2011 right now, right at this very moment. the past one year have been amazing and i'm hoping that this year will be the same, or if it's ever possible, let it be even better than the previous year. i'm sure lots of people are still out celebrating the new year but here i am, sitting on my bed updating my blog. lol anyways, it's a brand new year and i want to start over. i want to leave the past as it is in 2010 and not bring any unhappiness over to this new year. usually i'll be having resolutions but then i thought, what's the use of having them when i don't actually achieve them by the end of the year. maybe i do achieve some, but not all. so i just have one simple resolution which is to move on and concentrate on the present. concentrate on the good life God has been blessing me with. although i still complain about it sometimes. i want to smile more and to be happier. and i really hope i can do that this year. wish me luck *fingers crossed XD

oh and one thing, happy new year y'all :)

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