Tuesday, January 25, 2011

gay parents

i find this picture adorable. do you think so too? i know many people are against same sex marriage and as a Christian, Catholic to be exact, i grew up learning that homosexuals are against the law. not that i'm agreeing on same sex marriage cause i still think that it's wrong but seeing how two grown up men are able to take the responsibility to raise a baby/child is really touching. somehow to me, guys have always been the immature and no feelings type. especially for guys my age. they just give me the feeling that they're minds are like mere 13 year olds and they never know how to think or make decisions. sometimes when i'm bored, i'll look around me and observe the way men do whatever it is they're doing and i think to myself "are all men the same? when will they start to be more mature? what exactly is going in their minds". i'd even switch on the television and observe the actors and all the other men behind the screen and think the same as well. but for all i know, people tend to become mature sooner or later. it's just that the time they learn to grow up varies. and if there is a chance, i'd definitely love to know what it's like to be in a family where you have two dads and i wanna see how the child is being raised. btw, i don't think i'd be so interested in lesbian parents because well, girls always do things together. even if it's a normal straight marriage, mothers love calling their girlfriends and talk or get help. which in fact differs from guys. that's why i'm curious. :P

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