Tuesday, January 4, 2011

tell me the reason why.

i feel that i don't blog enough. especially last year. been so busy with assignments and stuff that i don't have time for blogging. which eventually leads to me being lazy. and that's a very serious case. i regret not blogging at all. regret not sharing all the past memories, the good and bad times of last year on my blog. and i'm not gonna repeat the same mistake again this year. i want all my joys and sadness to be on this blog so when i get older, i can look back on my blog and think to myself, "ahh, the good times. i had lots of awesome memories and it was all worth it" or something like that. so yeah, i wanna keep on blogging. hopefully i don't break off halfway. lol btw, here's a picture of my foundation life last year. frankly speaking, it was one friggen awesome year and i'd never trade it for anything. i will definitely remember that year for the rest of my life. :)

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