Tuesday, January 18, 2011

happy birthday jay :)

this man in the picture above turns 32 today. yeapp, it's the one and only Jay Chou 周杰论, Asia's heavenly king. don't you think he's just so awesome? i know for a fact that lots and lots of people dislike him. i don't know whether it's his songs, or the way he talks or just his face, people just don't like him. and that's really really sad. i mean, i am quite a huge fan of his, and i like him a lot. his slow songs are superb. actually, from what i've researched, Jay is actually a very filial, kind, stubborn and kinda traditional type of person. i like how he loves and respects his mum and grandma. he'd do anything for them, i remember reading and article which Jay mentioned that his future wife has to be able to live with his mum. lol so that means that he's never gonna move away from his mummy. awwww. and also there was this time when he wanted to open a guitar store but when his mum said no, he just listens to her. oh and one thing, i remember few years back, there was this girl who got into a comma and didn't wake up for idk how long, she was a hugeass fan of Jay and when he knew about it, he went to the hospital to visit her occasionally. the girl's mum played Jay's song in the hospital everyday and one day her eyes flickered when listening to his songs. when she woke up, Jay went to visit her again and after that, i'm not sure what happened. XD but my point is that Jay is one great person and i love him very much. people should stop criticizing him already. especially the paparazzi who calls every girl seen with him as his rumored girlfriend. sad sad. uhh, anyways, the movie he acted in, The Green Hornet, together with Seth Rogan nd Cameron Diaz was officially released in the States four days ago. it'll be out here in Malaysia next Thursday and i can't wait to watch it. went on Youtube this morning to check out some of his interviews and all i can say is that he sounds impressively cute when speaking english. you'll know what i mean when you see him in the movie ;)

so yeah, happy birthday jay! i love you!

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