Tuesday, January 4, 2011

high school for a day

so i went back to my high school with siew siew today. went to find the principal and luck was with us cause when we walked in, the principal came walking towards our direction. so we went into his office and just as we took our seats, he started to umm, laugh. it was an awkward 5 minutes until we told him we wanted to take our testimonials from him. spent about half an hour in the office listening to him talk and answering questions. lol and you know what, he thought that we were last year's batch. -___________-" well, at least i felt younger. XD and right before we left, he even requested to take pictures with us. i felt like a celebrity, for like 3 seconds? lmao then we shook hands and left the office.

went over to the staff room and saw lots of new teachers. some old ones were still there though. then siew went to find mdm hii, our physics teacher and talked for a little bit. that time, it was already after recess and she had to sit in for the transition class so we decided to follow. when we reached the class, we saw that the kids were cleaning the class so we stood outside until they were done. then siew told us she heard one of the girls in class say in mandarin "hey, there's three teachers outside". rofl did we really look that old? but eh, there are young teachers too right? then we went in and sat at the back of the class. one of the boys said "i know the other two aren't teachers cause they're not wearing nametags" and another one said "one is eating (siew) and another one is busy playing handphone (me). impossible they're teachers" HAHA. now that really made me laugh. the kids were funny. they're like little 13-year-olds playing around. then one of the boys turned around and asked mdm hii "teacher, you got facebook?". wtheck? so young play what facebook? lol then they went over to the teacher since she brought in her laptop and the boys were like "teacher, can you online? you got play facebook or not?" and one of the boys say her wallpaper(it's her two daughters) and ran to his friend and said, "hey, the teacher's laptop got two kids pictures. one even pose like a flower" LOL!

michelle and tracy arrived about 20 minutes later and we left school. went to noodle house to limteh. sitting there and talking really brings back the memories when we were in high school. especially during spm cause that's where we went for lunch most of the times. it's also the place we went to when we skipped assembly sometimes. michelle then said she had class at 1.30pm but we wouldn't let her leave. we kept persuading her to stay so in the end, she stayed with us. the place was also getting hot so we went to dessert master to continue our talk. overall, it was a good day. michelle finally had time for us. since she's always so busy with idk what she is always busy with. and hopefully she'll be able to make it for our next outing. *fingers crossed

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