Monday, January 3, 2011

first monday of 2011

went to do facial with my mum at Opi De Beaute in Bintang Megamall this morning. mine was about an hour and a half and it was very relaxing. if i was rich, i think i'd to this like once or twice a month. seriously, my face is really not in a good condition at all and i need this badly. lol you know, there's one facial treatment, i'm not so sure of the name but i think it's 24k gold something something. that one's their most expensive treatment which costs like RM498. i was shocked to hear the price. very expensive wei. i mean, five hundred bucks just for some piece of gold put on your face for 15 minutes? is it worth? apuuuu. if i were rich also i won't do that. normal treatment would be enough already. lmao

anyways, i woke up late today. like wtheck? it's my sister's first day of school and i actually woke up late. wanted to give her a hug and kiss and talk to her for a little bit also no chance. when i woke up it was already 6.30am and she's already off to school. sad much. i'm such a failure. boo me. i suck ;(

oh and did i mention that i'm going back to my high school tomorrow? gonna go find the principal and get my testimonial. hopefully he'll be around since he's such a busy man and he's hardly in campus, oops i mean in school. XD HAHA.

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