Friday, July 11, 2008

sad sad day

today is the last day for Mr. Ardi in school. he will be going to a new school on Monday. sad isnt it? im gonna miss him so much. jst now when i went to toilet, i saw him walking around the school. told me that it will his last time walking in this school. then he wished me good luck and blablabla. woooosh. that moment when he said all those things, my eyes became watery. like gosh, it was such a sad moment. dahlah the weather jst now was windy. good for emo-ing. aihhh i cant believe that hes actly moving. hes going back to Selangor, fyi. i guess he'll be happier there. i mean like, during weekends, he can go back to meet his wife. ahhh, hope our new English teacher would be as fun as him. eventhough he doesnt really teach, its still fun having him around.

MR. ARDI, 4S1 is gonna miss you ALOT. and if you see this, must miss and remember us okay?

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥


Joan said...

aww. :( i know how that feels. my BM teacher moved and she's not teaching us this year. sadd. but what's sadder is i don find BM that interesting anymore. lol. she made learning BM fun, you know.

look into my eyes and dont make me cry - said...

really? ahhh, this teacher never teach but he was a good person. lols