Tuesday, July 29, 2008

good good day

its already night time and nothing bad happened. woohoo ~

i guess i was thinking too much when i said that sth bad happens on 29th July every year. actly, it shouldnt be bad bahh. i mean, the first time, on 29th July 2005, both my legs ter-scratch this nail. it was kinda rusted i think. and its also the day when me and him first talked. talk as in cakap/shuo hua/blablabla. it was a really short conversation though. then in 2006, i had my front hair cut, which was a disaster, as what ive expected. then last year, my comp kena virus. so you know how unlucky 29th July of these two years were to me. fortunately, today went on as usual. which is a good thing :D

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