Monday, July 14, 2008


uhh, so last Friday was sort of a boring day. nth much happened. then on Saturday we had to go to school for the Moral Kerja Amal thingy. had to write two reports in one go so we cleaned the school compound and also some of the classes. luckily it wasnt that hot. if not, i wouldve melted while plucking the weeds. omg. and i jst found out that my classmate, Heather Hazel - she transferred to my school around mid January this year and she was here for like less than a month? then she had to go back to Kuching for some rawatan thingy cause she said she was "sick" that time - had passed away on Friday afternoon. i was very shocked when i heard that. i mean like, she actly died. couldnt believe my ears when Simon told me that. what a shame, shes so young and she seems like such a good person. and this makes me realize that ive been very fortunate all the while. we all are actly. but we'll never know what might happen tomorrow, or even an hour later. i used to complain alot last time. about those unnecessary things. luckily im not like that anymore, though i still complain A LIL BIT. ahh, jst hope her soul rests in peace. to everyone who reads this, do pray for her too.

St. Co jogathon day

look at Simon's "clean" left shoe

the very cool thingy that can cut the polystyrenes.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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