Wednesday, July 30, 2008


i cant believe Regina's leaving today. she's on her way now i guess. wow, time passes really fast. i remembered the day she came back. it was such a surprise to see her walking our of the school canteen. didnt expect her to come back. and now, shes already on her way back to Houston. Regina, if you happen to see this, I MISS YOU ! and today, its quite fine i guess. it isnt that hot. which is a good thing. but exams coming next week larh. ohmygosh. i havent even started studying. but one thing's for sure, ive already started stressing. *SIGH* and i was hoping i'd do better this sumatif. kns larh. i dont think i can liao. whats worse, add maths is second day. where got enough time to study? luckily physics and chemistry is on the second week. if not, sure die larh. aihh, need to get my mind off these larh. two more days till the weekends, i need to rest larh. my gosh.

my cure for all crappiness and sh*t =]

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