Saturday, July 26, 2008


school went on as usual yesterday morning. went to the canteen with Tracy they all. we were talking about going out with Regina when she suddenly appeared beside us. lols wanted to go out today but few of us are busy so like we changed the plan to after school yesterday. so like we had to rush there. reached Parkson around almost 2.30pm and we went straight to Cineplex to check on the movie time. wanted to watch Dark Knight but the time wasnt right. then looked for Journey To The Centre Of The Earth but it had already started. so in the end we watched Long Khong 2. cacat-ed movie indeed. luckily i brought my bad. so like me and Regina kept covering our eyes when those yucky parts came out. gosh the movie's like showing how people die. but the lesson was good. it teaches us to NOT play around with black magic cause once you to, it'll stick to you until you die. and i believe that this is true. theres no turning back when you mess with these things :O
the Ai FM thingy was jst outside Parkson bahh. i didnt get to watch. shouldve asked my parents to come after they finish dinner. there were three singers last night. one of them was Nick Chung. i saw two of them liao actly. and when Nick Chung appeared, my car came. ahhh. how unlucky of me. wanted to hear his song actly. i love love love two of his songs. well, nemind larh. hes a Malaysian singer and i'll have my chance some other time. moreover, i saw him already last month. HAHAHA.
well, i guess yesterday might be the last time i see Regina before she leaves for Houston on Wednesday. hopefully she'll go to school either on Monday or Tuesday cause the next time she's coming back, it'll be in about two years. or more. somehow we became closer this year. i dont think we've spoken much in primary school since we were never in the same class. in form one and two, we werent in the same class also. lols

Regina and i

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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