Thursday, July 24, 2008

im addicted

this morning i was so excited to go Bio class. double period of that subject, i thought i would have the chance to see those monkeys. in the end, all i saw was a pretty bird and two squirrels. gosh i was really looking forward to seeing the monkeys bahh. then jst now during physics, dexter and i went to look for monkeys again. tough luck for us, no monkeys were to be seen today. T_____________T
lately, its been raining alot. since monday until now i rained like every morning? i like the weather today. windy and cold. was sort of day dreaming in class and suddenly sth came up. i was thinking about emotions and stuff then like i thought to myself "when was i really happy?". i mean like i havent actly been really happy in ages. since last few weeks ive been having bad mood swings. its like im smiling now and when i turn around, i can be frowning away. uhhhs, maybe cause my period is coming. maybe cause ive been stressing out. maybe cause theres to many reasons for this. jst hope i'll recover from this soon.
i need to find a day where i can sleep till im satisfied. i havent been having enough sleep lately. and whats worse, exams are coming in two weeks. this time, i wanna try to do better than the 2nd sumatif. need to +u+u lur. wish me luck people @@

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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