Thursday, July 31, 2008


oh my friggin gosh. its very hot outside pls. i dont think i can stand it anymore. what the heck is wrong with the weather these days? uhhhs, it felt like i was studying in an oven instead of a classroom this morning. grrrr. i hate the shitty weather. hope it rains tmrw. no no i dont want rain. i want big big wind. yes, very big wind to blow away the hotness. and also clouds to cover the sun. its also because of the weather that im becoming darker day by day. *SIGH* i hate being dark. i look like a roasted human you know. pffffft. btw, school holidays are near. its in two weeks. wooooosh. finally, one who week without school. how amazing is that? eventhough its one week, i'll be ever so happy. no need to study in an "oven" for one week. no need to feel like melting. no need to walk so far everyday. this time, im gonna spend my holiday wisely. and also sleep wisely. haha. ahhh, its getting late. gtg finish my moral report. ciao babes ! (:

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