Sunday, July 6, 2008

my kaki sangat sakit

it was a very tiring day yesterday. went for this jogathon thingy early in the morning, then went to parkson for a movie. then supposed to go tuition but i didnt cause mummy said no need. then my cousins and her went shopping at parkson also (: then went to my cousin's house after that. and stayed at home at night.
gosh, my legs hurt so much. i couldnt even walk properly. so if you see me limping, then you'll know why. and guess what, i got LAST in the jogathon yesterday. paiseh much. didnt even dare walk back into the field. i was half an hour later than the person who got first. like when i was passing through my school, that dude was already on his way back. gosh then at parkson, i kinda got a hard time walking around. even today, it still hurts. at sunday school, all of us who went for the jogathon were very tired. Kurt actly fell asleep. lols i wanted to sleep but cant. aihhh both my legs hurt so much right now lah. and i wonder how am i gonna sit tmrw during assembly and also walking up and down the stairs of Block E and Block F. ADUH

yours truly (:


sleeping in class. a BAD example. LOL

really drinking merh? lols

i look fuglishly fugly =|

liang moi here

btw, surprised Chriss with her birthday present after the jogathon. she looked, stunned. HAHA. and congrats to that Jeff dude who got first for the Men's Open category as well as first for all the category. lols and also to Allan and Kurt for getting 6th and 9th :D
and one more thing. to Mr. Tan Teck Hung, did any unknown number call you? cause someone on yr msn list actly fell for yr pm that day. that person msged me asking about the "free petrol" thing. HAHA. die lah you. simply give ppl wrong info. lols

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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