Friday, July 4, 2008


didnt go school today. guess what? my flu hasnt left me yet. how "nice". so im stuck with abit of flu and lately the weather has been kinda cold. so i guess that flu of mine will be sticking around for some time. lols
well, had dinner over at my cousin's place jst now. so like after dinner, i went to borrow some CD's from him. was browsing through some of his discs - hes got a heck lots of CD's i tell you. hundreds of em. can even open his own CD store di - when he suddenly came up and told me that hes going to ta bao roasted bird. and i thought, "bird? wooots. hope its tasty". half an hour later, he came back with my uncle and they bought like 12 little roasted burungs. HAHA. the chili mixture thingy was included and boy, does it taste good. eight of us finished a dozen of birds in 20 minutes? dang. uhhh, dinner tonight was good. cause of the birdies and the shark meat. havent had those in months.

the cute lil' grapes
this drink tastes good
this is only part of it

look at the super tiny wing @@

ahhh, im off to bed now. its raining heavily outside. which means i'll be sleeping soundly tonight (: but i hope it wont rain tmrw. its jogathon day. goodnight !

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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