Monday, July 28, 2008

my weekend

and so ive been busy over the weekends. kinda busy now actly but i need to use the internet to search for some stuffs so might as well take some time to blog. lols lets start with Saturday noon. had lunch at my cousin's house. went there late cause my sister had extra class. went to pick her up at 1pm and went straight to my cousin's house. after lunch, i was stuck to the tv cause hubby's drama was airing. watched until 3.30pm then went to tuition. i was 15 minutes late and when i was about to get off the car, saw that Mr. Dhana's car wasnt there. and i thought that maybe there isnt tuition or he might be late. went upstairs to find everyone sitting quietly. waited for another 5 minutes then i decided to call the teacher. luckily i called cause actly the tuition class was postponed. he informed Miss Wong earlier but she said that she did not see the msg. we asked her to check her phone then she saw the msg. it was already sent to her the night before. wth.. called daddy to pick me up. at night, we went to Ai Ping's house to celebrate her birthday. had barbecue for dinner. *yummm* halfway through dinner, Charlene and Joanna went hysterical. we all kept laughing and became sober-ish in the end. like, L-O-L. went home quite late and i stayed up until almost two in the morning. was trying out the layouts thingy and finally i got the layout im using. simple and nice. ahhh, i love it. lols it took me like an hour or two jst to get everything done. wanted to change when i saw a layout of hubby but then it wasnt really that nice. so i'll be sticking to this layout at the moment. ahahaha.
didnt go to church yesterday cause of my bad stomachache. went to Sunday School and it rained. woooosh, jiwang bahh. went to KB in the afternoon. and and while shopping in Soon Lee Megamart, i saw this guy, he looks 20+ i think and he was with his mum. uhh, i dont know but the moment i saw him i jst liked him. haha lame i know but somehow i like him alot. he isnt good looking or whatsoever. maybe hes a girl magnet or sth. LOL i mean, he looks normal, well not that normal larh, hes got that look which no ordinary guy have, or maybe hes got that im-a-foreigner-but-living-here-and-looking-hotter-than-you-ppl kinda look you know. aaaah, i dont even know what im talking about. lols, and hes got a tattoo on his right leg i think. cause he was wearing this 3/4 pants so can see the tattoo. well, my point is that i like him and thats it. he was wearing a cap also. makes him look cool. HAHAHA. we then went to Supa Save also and while reading the mags, daddy called me. so i went over to him and he showed me sth. you know what he showed me? it was giant red onions and big onions. like omfg-ly big and gigantic. take a look at the pictures below. then like we went to Escapade Sushi also and we came home around 6.30pm i guess.
and today, it was okay. aint that boring larh. got photography duty and today and its the prefects photo taking. dehhh, took us about an hour to get everything done :O
btw, here some pictures. didnt take much cause i was very very lazy. hehe

see the girl with the vege? do NOT get near her.

vege girl strikes again

the two oversized babies. LOL

Charlotte. HAHA

the over sweet wine thingy.

the normal red onion and the giant one.

baby reading her book and wearing my hoodie

my ten cha soba :D

this video is dedicated to Miss Charlene Wong and Joanna Voon. hope you both like it. hahah
will blog again tmrw if im free. gtg finish up my homework now. ciao ! (:

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