Sunday, July 20, 2008


finally i can blog. i couldnt get on to blogger since yesterday =="

so its like this, yesterday was the 1st anniversary for my blog. and also, its been one year since that incident where we were caught my Mr. Marcus and Mr. Patrick during sports day. lols come to think of it, so much have happened in this one year. both good and bad - though mostly are bad things @@. and yesterday there was this Chinese Karaoke Singing Competition held by the Chinese Club of my school. i had quite a good time there. some of my classmates joined the competition. cause of that, me and some friends decided to give them flowers which are sold during the competition. so we had to like go up and down the stage. haha. one thing, Liew looked good yesterday. he should dress like this more often XD and i went back before they announced the results though. so i dont know the results yet.
after the competition, me and Cass went over to our cousin's house as his daughter was celebrating her 3rd Birthday. ate the KFC that they da pao-ed. then at night, went to daddy and mummy's friends house for some open house thingy cause they jst moved house. saw Pricilla there. had a little chat with her then i had to go back cause Vallamy was complaining. as we left the house, daddy drove towards the city. instead of going home, we went to Imperial. actly i wanted to reload my very expired phone BUT a magazine on the rack at the Hypermarket caught my eye. so you know, i chose to buy that mag instead of reloading my phone. hehe see, im such a good person. the mag costs RM10.00 and reloading costs RM30.00 and if i buy both, it'll cost daddy RM40.00 bah right? seeing that im such a good daughter, i decided to buy one only and you guessed it right, i bought the mag and daddy gets to save RM20.00 (: what a good girl i am *grins* plus, i saw a small picture of hubby on the mag cover so i was very very tempted to buy that mag. AND i didnt regret it at all. it was definitely worth buying the mag and NOT reloading :D
then today was sort of fine. went to Sunday School as usual. when Sheryl saw me she called me a BOHO[not sure how you spell it but its pronounced as bou hou]. five minutes later Marelyn arrived and when she saw me, she called me a Sober. then i was like wth.. why are they calling me that? LOL since i was a BOHO + SOBER, im supposed to be like ummm emotionless right? so heres a pic of me being "emotionless" with my stone bracelet which looks like those thingy monks use to pray - which also symbolizes me praying. which is like a BOHO + SOBER. ahahaha.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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