Friday, July 18, 2008


finally, im done with my BM oral. but i was still like nervous. i mean like last week when i did it i was friggin nervous. then when i re-do today, i was still nervous. like omg. but i cant be blamed can i? my BM isnt good at all. and it really is hard to pronounce some of those words. ughhh.
anywho, english today was fine. the new teacher is young and pretty. her name's Veronica. well the guys were so excited when she came to class. i guess shes too pretty liao. too bad for them that shes only a temporary teacher. she'll be leaving in about a month? goshh. that means we do not have a permanent english teacher yet. *SIGH* i miss Mr. Ardi alot. wonder hows he doing over at Seafield. sure hes happy since he gets to see his wife every weekend.
and uhhh, during english, the boys were like playing some cacat-ed game but it was really funny. some of the things they did were hilarious. even the Miss Veronica was laughing at their silliness. ahhh, and one thing. during Bio class yesterday, we - as in the few of us sitting behind - saw a monkey at the "jungle" behind the lab. cute eh the monkey. we even got ourselves scolded for being so sakai. if the monkey was in a zoo, i dont think it'd be as interesting as seeing it living in the wilderness. its like very natural bah. Dexter was the paling sakai one. he kept looking at the monkey. even when teacher asked him to read some stuffs from the textbook, he used to book to cover his face so he was like half reading and half looking at the monkey. as Darren said, memang gila monkey bah him. ahahaha.

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